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As a private citizen, I have posted this information in the hope that it may be useful to to other aerospace educators.

Outline of presentation to Westchester Flying Club – June 1999

  1. Who has never done anything unwise in an airplane? (no one)

-          What brought you to that juncture?

                                                               i.      Get-home-it is

                                                              ii.      Yielded to outside pressures

                                                            iii.      I should have known better

                                                            iv.      Didn’t manage fuel properly

                                                             v.      Flew into worsening weather

What are the majors?

-          Fuel (exhaustion; mismanagement)

-          Weather

-          Stupid pilot tricks” (low level buzzing, scud-running)

-          Heads up (especially where? In the pattern)

-          Chain of events (more than one “weak link”)

                                                               i.      Night

                                                              ii.      IMC

                                                            iii.      Hurry

                                                            iv.      Rushed/skipped checklist

                                                             v.      Unfamiliar area

                                                            vi.      Unfamiliar aircraft (especially: fuel mismanagement, gear)

                                                          vii.      Inoperative equipment


That little bell going off “this really isn’t a good idea” or “I’m getting in over my head here.” 

Who here has actually turned around because that bell got loud enough?  Night + weather + short runway….  My experience: night + IMC + inoperative DG.  Would everyone have turned around?


  1. ASRS. I’m passing around a sheet to subscribe you to ASRS.
  2. Resources:

A/FD gives Runway lengths. FARs REQUIRE you to be familiar with runway lengths at airports you’re going to!  (Also given in jepp guide, approach charts, other airport guides e.g. AOPA)

Plastic holers

Flight plans

I’m passing around PIREP forms. How to use.