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Cadet Staff at the 2001 New York Wing Encampment

This list is sorted alphabetically by office held.

The organization chart appears below.

C/SMSgt Ryan Elliott Administration NCO topgun587@aol.com
C/SSgt Nicole Douglas Administration Officer - Finance Foxygrl2332@aol.com
C/2d Lt Kayu Ng Administration Officer  in Charge kayun@umich.edu
C/Col Justin Couts Cadet Commander sjc9367@siena.edu
C/Lt Col Bethany Bruso Cadet Deputy Commander BRUZER69@hotmail.com
C/Lt Col Clifton Lee Cadet Executive Officer colonelcliff@hotmail.com
C/TSgt Alexander Rossbach Communications NCO FUNBUN87@HOTMAIL.COM
C/2d Lt Stephen Fox Communications Officer- rhino211@aol.com
C/2d Lt Mike Hirsch Communications Officer in Charge dragon54@email.com
C/SMSgt Katie Wieczorek Flight Operations (Section Chief) katiewiz716@cs.com
C/CMSgt Elizabeth Arie Group First Sergeant POPTARTLIZ@AOL.COM
C/MSgt Paul McIntyre Logistics NCO Lurx@Rochester.rr.com
C/2d Lt Robert Hark Logistics Officer in Charge rhark@wzrd.com
C/SSgt Robert O'Neal Medical NCO squmido@aol.com
C/1st Lt Matthew Kelly Medical Officer MACSOG114@AOL.COM
C/2d Lt Zachary Smith Medical Officer in Charge capmedic@medscape.com
C/CMSgt Thomas Fangmann Mess Operations (Section Chief) jato2001@hotmail.com
C/TSgt Lawrence Gurdo Mess Operations Staff  
C/SMSgt Nick Kasatkin Mess Operations Staff vadmkat@yahoo.com
C/Maj Charles Anderson NCO Academy Advisor letun25@aol.com
C/SSgt Danielle Ayala Public Affairs NCO SWEETCAKES123@aol.com
C/SSgt Daniel Cocozzelli Public Affairs NCO dantheman91586@cs.COM
C/MSgt Jenniffer Frye Public Affairs NCO columbianqt925@aol.com
C/2d Lt Jacob Uriel Public Affairs Officer in Charge Psychocadet@hotmail.com
C/Capt Rosanna Lee Squadron One Commander lilxrosie@hotmail.com
C/CMSgt Michael Leaver Squadron One First Sergeant tallyho@capital.net
C/Maj Adam Cucchiara Squadron Two Commander Acef16@hotmail.com
C/MSgt Raquel Ayala Squadron Two First Sergeant MIDNIGHTSTAR15@AOL.COM
C/2d Lt Joseph Dolce Stan/Eval Team Officer SgtJoker101@yahoo.com
C/Capt Alec Martin Stan/Eval Team Officer Marines.2@JUNO.COM
C/Capt Rico Fusco Stan/Eval Team Officer in Charge spacedog800@juno.com
C/Maj David Collins Training Officer in Charge cfdrecue910@aol.com
C/2d Lt Nick Beiniks Training Officer HockeySarge77@aol.com
C/Lt Col Joshua Couts Training Officer airman8410@hotmail.com
C/MSgt Brandon Phillips Transportation Operations NCO eversilver@yahoo.com
C/2d Lt Charles Taylor Transportation Operations OIC capcdt388@aol.com
C/2d Lt Benjamin Petrisin Bravo Flight Commander ben729@juno.com
C/SMSgt Christopher Moessner Bravo Flight Sergeant falcon581@aol.com
C/2d Lt Peter Braden Charlie Flight Commander pbraden@nycap.rr.com
C/SMSgt Eric Frohman Charlie Flight Sergeant pilot5266@aol.com
C/Capt Paul Dolce Delta Flight Commander ltace1@netzero.net
C/SMSgt David Dalger Delta Flight Sergeant eicomm3@aol.com
C/1st Lt Gustin Stamatinos Echo Flight Commander tstama8242@aol.com
C/SMSgt Michael Singleton Echo Flight Sergeant ftrunks@nycap.rr.com
C/2d Lt Bradley Albert Foxtrot Flight Commander USMC84@TWCNY.RR.COM
C/CMSgt Sean Tinston Foxtrot Flight Sergeant kc2gws@yahoo.com
C/1st Lt Brian Owoseni Golf Flight Commander Enterprise@comic.com
C/SMSgt David Ploegman Golf Flight Sergeant nitroblueshoes@aol.com
C/2d Lt Seth Model Hotel Flight Commander destroyer@linuxfreemail.com
C/CMSgt Michael Paquette Hotel Flight Sergeant Timjp1@Adelphia.Net
C/Capt Cory Reynolds India Flight Commander CJR1LTXOecho@aol.com
C/TSgt Jessica Patalino India Flight Sergeant purplezuzu@aol.com

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Cadet Staff Organization Chart

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