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Senior Staff at the 2001 New York Wing Encampment

This list is sorted alphabetically by office held.

The organization chart appears below.

1st Lt Phyllis Pruitt Administration Officer MsPrissy@worldnet.att.net
1st Lt Kay Hartsen Assistant Administration Officer wmsonace@frontiernet.net
SM Donna Lee Assistant Finance Officer  
SM Robert Kelly Bus Chaperone  
1st Lt Luis Ramos Bus Chaperone  
Capt Charles Taylor Chaplain TFRECBCHAP138@AOL.COM
Capt Van Don Williams Chaplain chapVan1@Juno.com
Capt Marvin McIntyre Chief TAC Officer mcintyre@rochester.rr.com
Capt Andrew Welsh Commandant of Cadets val_n_andy@hotmail.com
Capt Daniel Stouch Deputy Commander STOUCHD@approach.com
Lt Col Anita Martin Encampment Commander amartin31392cap@juno.com
Capt Gladys Suessle Executive Officer sqcc31159@aol.com
Capt Mary Falco Finance Officer mlf0048@aol.com
Lt Col William Hughes Jr. Flight Operations Officer Bill.Hughes@usa.xerox.com
Lt Col Diane Wojtowicz Flight Operations Officer 72570.3077@compuserve.com
Maj Peg Jennings Fort Drum Liaison Officer  
1st Lt Edward Suessle Logistics Officer  
2d Lt Fredric Letson Medical Officer digitalny2000@yahoo.com
Maj Lawrence Model Medical Officer  
Lt Col Janet Schachner Moral Leadership Officer schachnerj@aol.com
SM Tom Stamatinos Moral Leadership Officer  
Lt Col George Burns Orientation Pilot geburns@concentric.net
1st Lt Raymond Crandall Orientation Pilot  
Maj Malcolm Dickinson Orientation Pilot malcolm@aya.yale.edu
Capt Timothy Holteen Orientation Pilot tholteen@capital.net
Capt George Kelen Orientation Pilot gkelen@spacelab.net
Capt Edwin Kopp Orientation Pilot  
Maj Gerald Marketos Orientation Pilot aircare@adelphia.net
Maj Virgil Montavon Orientation Pilot colvirg@hotmail.com
Lt Col Steven Perta Orientation Pilot ssjp@sunyit.edu
1st Lt Steven Pinello Orientation Pilot steve96@aol.com
Maj Brian Skupa Orientation Pilot BONCHIEN@AOL.COM
Lt Col Ronald Volungus Orientation Pilot RonVol@juno.com
Capt John Davis Safety Officer LTGEEZER@AOL.COM
Lt Col Blair Biddle Senior TAC bcbiddle@aol.com
1st Lt Gillian Young Stan/Eval Officer mafia1907@yahoo.com
Maj Barbara Burns Systems Information Officer burnsb@concentricc.net
Capt Scott Ullery Training Officer sullery@yahoo.com
Capt Charles Miller NCO Academy TAC Officer fdcj225@hotmail.com
2d Lt Amy Anderson Bravo Flight  TAC Officer  
1st Lt Wayne Busch Bravo Flight TAC Officer - Asst  
Capt Wai Ning Lee Charlie Flight TAC Officer leewa2@mail.northgrum.com
SM Charles Blocher Charlie Flight TAC Officer - Asst  
2d Lt Lucy Stamatinos Delta Flight TAC Officer  
2d Lt Christopher Moll Echo Flight TAC Officer christophermoll@hotmail.com
1st Lt Michael Nogle Foxtrot Flight TAC Officer NOGMJ@AOL.COM
2d Lt Thomas Szekely Golf Flight TAC Officer tszekely@compuserve.com
SM Emily Genser Hotel Flight TAC Officer egenser@hotmail.com
SM Bradley Woehrlen India Flight TAC Officer whirlbee@hotmail.com
2d Lt Lori Miller India Flight TAC Officer - Asst babybooboo33@hotmail.com

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Senior Staff Organization Chart

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