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NER Staff College

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I attended Staff College as a student in 1998, helped on staff for a portion of the 1999 college, and gave a lecture at the 2004 college.

If you are in CAP and have completed Level III, I strongly encourage you to attend!  More than just a learning experience, it is a bonding experience and a whole lot of fun.  The college is held for one week in mid-July (15-21 July 2001) at McGuire AFB in central New Jersey.  Approximately 40 students and 15 staff members, plus a dozen guest lecturers, make up the school, which covers all aspects of Civil Air Patrol.  Complete information how to apply for the school is given on the NER web site.

Students at Staff College are divided into seminars which contain 6 to 12 people each. The seminar is the student's family, fighting unit, and the home team during the week. All seminars at the school compete against each other for merit points, and the honor seminar in 1998 was Seminar 1.

One of the ways in which seminars compete is through the making of their guidon, or seminar flag. The winner of the 1998 competition was Seminar 1, thanks to group design and the artistic skills of one seminar member, Maj Ken Maxwell of NJ Wing.


A reunion of a few Seminar 1 members happened in September 1999, at which time we presented our framed guidon to our seminar leader, Lt Col Terry Lambert.

And then returned home in the trusty Seminar 1 Comanche.

Thanks to Maj Stan Rothman for the pictures and for the professional framing job on our flag.