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Natl Flight Academy

National Flight Academies (NFAs) are ten-day-long learn-to-fly schools held each summer by CAP.  Each one gives about a dozen cadets the chance to get an extraordinary amount of flight and ground instruction in a relatively short time. Many cadets (students between 14 and 18) are able to learn enough during the academy to fly an aircraft by themselves ("solo") during the academy, thereby earning their solo wings which are worn on the uniform.

There are currently three types of national flight academies being offered: NFA-Power, where cadets learn to fly single-engine Cessna 172 airplanes; NFA-Glider, where cadets learn to fly 2-seat gliders (Schweizer 2-33s or Blanik L-22s); and NFA-Glider-Advanced, where cadets who have previous experience in gliders return to solo and perhaps to earn their private pilot license.

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I've instructed at two NFAs so far:

The 1998 NFA - Glider, held in Danielson, Connecticut

(At the time the activity was known as "National Flight Encampment")

Thanks to:

Capt John Lawrence, who organized the event and received the Meritorious Service Award in recognition of his efforts. John also served as flight instructor for the first half of the academy.

Capt Don Osborn, our safety officer

1st Lts Diane and Chuck Kaczmarczyk, without whom we could never have pulled it off

Lt Col Lesley Fawcett, NH Wing/DA, who assisted with the administrative organization

Col Lloyd Sturges Jr., Commander of the CT Wing Encampment, who coordinated the sharing of his facilities

Instructor and student, 1998 NFA-Glider in Connecticut.

Almost the entire academy, 1998 NFA-G.


The 1999 NFA - Power, held at Westover ARB, Massachusetts

Thanks to Col Don Prouty and Col Craig Treadwell and their staff who organized and carried off the event.  We received much support from the Westover Composite Squadron which is headquartered at the base.