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Cadet Flights, October 2001

These were the first cadet flights conducted for New York City Group after the events of September 11th. We flew from Teterboro to 

Cadet orientation flights for August Martin Cadet Squadron (now renamed Williamsburg Cadet Squadron), March 2001

These cadets took the subway from Queens to Manhattan, then a bus out to Teterboro airport.
One group got to fly from Teterboro to Linden, NJ (by way of the Harlem River, East River, and Statue of Liberty) to Somerset, NJ and back; the other group flew from Teterboro to West Milford, NJ and back.

Presentation of New York City Group Awards, March 2001

A search-and-rescue exercise in Sullivan County, summer 1999

Ground team leader Capt Joe Morrison works with cadets from Catskill Mountain Group to determine the location of a radio beacon

CAP ground teams wear a uniform similar to Air Force and Army ground personnel: a camouflage shirt, pants, and hat with black boots. 
Orange vests are worn to increase our visibility (to traffic and to hunters).

The ground team gets assistance from a CAP aircraft which is also tracking the signal

Northeast Region Staff College, June 1999

National Flight Academy (Power) June 1998

National Flight Academy (Glider) June 1998

Northeast Region Staff College, June 1998

National Congress on Air and Space Education, April 1999

Cadet orientation flight, summer 1997

Cadet orientation flight, spring 1997

Lt Keith Vitolo and Cadet __