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Regulations pertaining to Aerospace Education
excerpt from the CAP-CADET discussion listserve, 24 Jan 99

Eric Gleason wrote:

<<Is there a reg or manual or pamphlet that describes specific requirements of the AE program for cadets and seniors? I rarely get more than a couple minutes spend with the regs at squadron meetings and haven't been able to find anything. >>

There are three documents that describe CAP's AE mission.

1. CAPR 280-2 (15 Aug 98) is the AE regulation.

2. CAPP 15 (1 Nov 95) is the Aerospace Officer's Handbook. It describes the specific mechanics of all three AE programs (cadet, senior, and external) and includes instructions on how to request, administer, and submit results for the AEPSM (Chuck Yeager) exam.

3. CAPP 215 (15 Aug 98) is the AE Specialty Track Study Guide.


- CAPP 15 is currently undergoing revision at National HQ and is expected in late 1999.

- CAPP 15 is NOT available from the bookstore. Each unit was issued one in 1995. Additional copies may be requested from HQ CAP/ETA.

- A few pages of CAPM 20-1 give job descriptions for the various AE positions (at squadron, group, wing, and region).

- The CAP Supply Depot issues an "Aerospace Education Catalog" which contains descriptions of many different items and project kits that are useful in teaching AE.

- Many other pamphlets and regs contain some AE-related material. The easiest way to get them all at once is to order the pre-assembled packets of "AE Officer Study Materials" which the CAP Bookstore offers on page 48 of its catalog.

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