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Resources for Civil Air Patrol Members
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About Civil Air Patrol
New York City Group home page

Resources on my web site:

Safety forms developed for New York Wing

Page of Aerospace Education Resources

Page of Pilot Resources, including:

Information on the CAP glider at Tri-Cities Airport, Endicott (Binghamton), NY

Pilot preparation memo (how to prepare for your CAPF 5 checkride) -
view it either as a web page or a Word document

SEG pilot progression guide

Some Cadet Programs Resources, including:

Resources for encampment

Memories of the 2001 New York Wing Encampment

Information about National Cadet Special Activities, including my impressions of

National Flight Academies

National Blue Beret

Page of Emergency Services Resources, including:

A page about the CAP Train The Trainer course

Play-by-play description of an actual nondistress ELT mission, 2 February 2001

How to become a Mission Observer

How to become a SAR/DR Mission Pilot

Page of Safety Resources

How to subscribe to CAP listserves (mailing lists)

General instructions for new members

Uniform instructions for new members

Sources for used uniforms

Tax deduction information for volunteer pilots

CAP graphics for use in documents and on web sites

Information on Senior Programs, including

AFIADL (formerly ECI), the Air Force's distance learning program

Information on Northeast Region Staff College

List of official CAP grade abbreviations

A little regulation humor

Sign my guest book

Read my guest book

Links to other CAP Resources:

On the National Headquarters web site:

Find a squadron near you

How to join CAP

Civil Air Patrol Forms in Microsoft Word format

Civil Air Patrol Regulations and Pamphlets in Adobe PDF format

Description of Civil Air Patrol

List of unit web sites

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (allows you to read PDF files)

CAP Uniform Manual on line

The Tongue and Quill, the USAF writing manual

On the Northeast Region web site:

Unit web sites of particular note:

Cadet Programs repository, Lt Col Frank Pocher Minute Man Squadron (MA)

Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer Guide by Capt Shawn Stanford of the Wyoming Valley Composite Squadron (PA)

Emergency Services Resources Page by Scott Lanis, Golden Triangle Composite Squadron (MS)

Emergency Services Specialty Qualification Checklists, Col Shorty Powers Composite Squadron (IL)

Other resources located on unit web sites:
Guide to Correct Wear of Senior Ribbons

Guide to Decorations

Guide to Senior Member Program Awards (accurate except for (1) description of clasps on Garber award; (2) Gill Robb Wilson award missing)

Guide to Cadet grades and grade insignia

Guide to Service and Activity Medals and Ribbons (accurate except for Disaster Relief and Cadet Special Activity Ribbon requirements)

Read My Guest Book from 2001

Web Pages of Nearby Civil Air Patrol Units:

Patch Unit Location

National Headquarters

Maxwell AFB, 

Northeast Region

PA, NY, and New England

New York Wing


New York City Group

New York City

Academy Composite Squadron

Queens, NY

Williamsburg Cadet Squadron

Queens, NY
Brooklyn Tech Composite Squadron
Brooklyn, NY
Falcon Senior Squadron


Queens, NY
Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron
Brooklyn, NY

Phoenix Composite Squadron

New York, NY

Southeastern New York Group

Dutchess, Putnam, and Westchester Counties, NY

Amelia Earhart Composite Squadron

Yonkers, NY

Dutchess Composite Squadron, Wappingers Falls 
North Castle Composite Squadron, Armonk 
Putnam County Composite Squadron, Carmel 
Westchester Cadet Squadron, New Rochelle 

Westchester-Hudson Composite Squadron
Harrison / Valhalla, NY

Catskill Mountain Group

Orange and Rockland Counties, NY

East Ramapo Cadet Squadron

Spring Valley, NY

Rockland Cadet Squadron

Long Island Group

Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY

Connecticut Wing

Middletown, CT

Stratford Eagles Squadron

Stratford, CT

Connecticut Minuteman Squadron

East Haven, CT

New Jersey Wing McGuire AFB, NJ
Glider Flight 400, Arizona Wing Phoenix, AZ

About Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol is the civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.  CAP was founded in 1941 and is a volunteer organization. CAP members don't receive any payment - it's like being a Boy Scout leader or a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

The other parallel to the Scouting program is that CAP has two types of members: senior members, over 18, and cadets, who are ages 12 and up.

CAP was chartered by Congress with three missions: 

Emergency Services, which consists mainly of finding downed aircraft, finding emergency distress beacons, helping with lost person searches, and assisting state and local government in times of natural disaster.

Aerospace Education: educating CAP members, young and old, and the general public, about air and space vehicles and technology.  See also: my page of AE resources

Cadet Programs, which means providing an interesting and challenging program for our younger members. Cadets join CAP for fun, for adventure, for a challenge, and because it gives them an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills.  

More information on CAP and its three missions can be found on the CAP National HQ Web Site.

Also see my page of pictures of CAP activities.

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About Malcolm Dickinson

I am a volunteer search-and-rescue pilot with Civil Air Patrol and serve as director of safety for New York Wing

I joined CAP in 1996 as a member of Amelia Earhart Composite Squadron (Mount Vernon, NY). From 1998 to 2000 I served on the Northeast Region Staff before moving to Phoenix Composite Squadron (New York, NY) in September 2000.

While at Phoenix I served as Aerospace Education Officer and Safety Officer for New York City Group, and Internal Aerospace Education Officer and Webmaster for Northeast Region.

I enjoy flying emergency services missions and helping on ground teams.  I usually spend a week each summer teaching cadets (high school students) to fly. I enjoy teaching aerospace education classes to cadets at nearby squadrons.

I became a mission pilot in 1998, a check pilot in 1999, and an incident commander in 2001, and wing director of safety in 2003.


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