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The New AEPSM Book

This article is from the August 2001 issue of the Aerospace Education Newsletter published by CAP National Headquarters.  It describes the new AEPSM book and gives the end date for use of the old book and tests.

The newsletter can be read on the web at

Effective September 1, 2001, CAPís new textbook, Aerospace:  The Journey of Flight will replace Aerospace:  The Challenge  for the Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM).

This book, a 27-chapter, 640-page product, is the most comprehensive aerospace textbook in America.  It has over 600 color pictures, charts and graphs.  CAPís new book has received very favorable reviews from numerous agencies, organizations, and schools.  It has been highly praised by NASA, the University Aviation Association, the Experimental Aircraft Association, and the Aerospace Education Foundation.  Therefore, we are delighted to make this exciting new textbook the cornerstone of AEPSM.

Senior members use our textbook as a study reference for taking the AEPSM test and earning the Yeager Award.  Starting in September, there will be a new AEPSM test with all of the questions coming from Aerospace:  The Journey of Flight.  There will also be a transition period for senior members who are currently using Aerospace:  The Challenge.  Any senior member now studying for the Yeager Award has until December 31, 2001 to complete the old AEPSM test.  After that date, all senior members must use Aerospace:  The Journey of Flight and take the new test.  Once the new AEPSM test has arrived at CAP units, any senior member wanting to take the new test may do so.

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