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AE Inspection Checklist

If you are the Aerospace Education Officer of a group or squadron, you will be inspected once a year by the Inspection Team from the next higher echelon (group or wing).

This inspection is conducted using a checklist.  This checklist is provided to your unit commander a few weeks or months before the inspection takes place.  Your unit commander may or may not remember to give you a copy of the checklist.  Here it is.  (This is not confidential information or anything - it's just not something that most people have on hand.)

I provide the checklist here to give you, the unit's AE officer, a "head start" on getting ready for your inspection so that you can have an answer for every question.




Part 1. Resources

1A. Has the Aerospace Education Officer been assigned in writing (e.g., CAPF 2a, letter) and properly submitted?

1B. If the unit is a composite squadron, have both "AEO for Seniors" and "AEO for Cadets" positions been filled?


Part 2. General

2A. Is a written "Aerospace Education Plan of Action" on file?

2B. Has the plan been submitted, through the unit commander, to the wing Director of Aerospace Education for review?

2C. Does the AEO have the current AEPSM (Yeager) materials and tests?

2D. What methods are used to disseminate AE information to the unit's members?

2E. Are quarterly reports sent to the Wing DAE?


Part 3. External

3A. Does the AEO have a listing of non-CAP organizations in the local area which can provide help in AE?

3B. Does the AEO have documentation of the unit's efforts to promote AE in local schools?

3C. Does the AEO have a listing of non-CAP organizations (presumably ones NOT in the local area) which can provide help in AE?

3D. Does the AEO assume responsibility for all AE testing? (Yeager testing and cadet AE achievement testing)

3E. (Cadet and Composite Squadrons only) Does the AEO generate and supervise cadet AE activities and supporting projects?