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Model Rocketry

1. Info from Capt Benjamin Bell, AE Officer for NJ Wing's Group 224

Now that our cadets are back into the swing of school, I'm sure you are looking for aerospace education ideas to get them away from anything resembling a classroom!

An activity that interests both cadets and seniors is model rocketry. Cadets can gain a real appreciation for aerospace and participate in a truly satisfying and hands-on experience. CAP also awards a rocketry badge to cadets completing this program.

There are some terrific resources on the Web to help plan this event. Try these for starters:

Model Rocketry for Educators:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Model Rocketry:

Model Rocketry from the Ground Up:

National Association of Rocketry:

Fast Bob's Model Rocketry Page:

Estes Industries Site for Educators:

Model Rocketry Photos page:

2. Info from C/1st Lt Jerry Horn,, Delaware Wing Webmaster:

Date: 5 Feb 2001 probably the most popular rocket kits.. you can view and download their entire catalog. mostly larger rockets - when I was searching for other rocketry sites.. I found this cool tool.

3. Info from 1st Lt Robert J. 'Bob' Hebert, CAP,, Aerospace Education Officer and Model Rocketry Program Officer, Cochise Composite Squadron, Arizona

Date: 6 Feb 2001

For model rocket info, go to some of the following web-sites:

These sites represent model rocket sales and professional model rocket associations.

Good luck,

A modeling course is offered at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum, near Albany, New York. CAP squadrons are encouraged to bring their cadets. Click here for more info.