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Yeager Tests at SEG

Below are news items about two testing sessions that have been held at Southeastern New York Group Headquarters. 

The Yeager exam covers the material in the book Aerospace: The Challenge, a hardback college textbook published by Civil Air Patrol and available from the CAP Bookstore for $17.00.  Members choose to take the test closed book, (requires 70% to pass) or open book (correctable to 100% to pass).

News release about 1999 testing day

News release about 1998 testing day

Announcement of testing day (for use by other AE officers)

18 October 1999

NEW YORK - Southeastern Group held an open Senior Member Aerospace Education Test on 17 October 1999. Seniors from three different groups and included an hour-long review of part of Aerospace: The Challenge, followed by an administration of the AEPSM exam.

Congratulations to the following six senior members who passed the test open book with scores corrected to 100%:

Capt Robert Carlstrom, Suffolk Cadet Squadron (closed book, congratulations)
Capt Gladys Suessle, Dutchess Cadet Squadron
1st Lt Keith Vitolo, Westchester Cadet Squadron
1st Lt Bob Knox, Dutchess Senior Squadron
1st Lt Daniel Stouch, Westchester-Hudson Composite Squadron
S/M Mark D Giddens, Phoenix Composite Squadron

Thanks to Lt Col Marilyn Rey, NY Wg Internal AE Officer, who attended with extra copies of the exam and scoring sheets.

- Malcolm Dickinson

7 December 1998

NEW YORK - Southeastern Group held a Senior Member Aerospace Education Day on 6 December. The day drew AE staff from across the state and region and featured:

An overview of CAP's Aerospace Education Mission
Information on how to work on ratings in the AE Specialty Track
A review of the responsibilities of squadron AE Officers
Model-building using household materials
Ideas for squadron meeting AE activities
A discussion of the AE 2000 Program.

The day concluded with a 90-minute review of Aerospace: The Challenge, followed by an administration of the AEPSM exam. Three senior members from Southeastern Group passed the test open book with scores corrected to 100%. Congratulations to:

Maj Kenneth Andreu
Maj Julian Jackson
Maj Stan Rothman

- Malcolm Dickinson

Here is the email that was sent out to publicize the tests. Feel free to use the general format to publicize your own events.

MEMORANDUM FOR Interested Senior Members
From: NY WG/ET and Southeastern NY Group/ET
Re: Yeager Award Testing Opportunity

New York's Southeastern Group will be administering the Senior Member Aerospace Education Test at SEG HQ on Sunday 17 October. All senior members in NY and neighboring wings are invited to attend and take the test.

DESCRIPTION This event is open to all senior members, including those who have not yet taken Level I or CPPT. This 100-question exam tests the senior member's knowledge of the material contained in the hardback book "Aerospace: The Challenge." Each member elects to take the exam open-book or closed book.

Members achieving a score of 70% (closed book) or corrected-to-100% (open book) earn the Brigadier General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award (CAP's longest-named award) and will be presented with the Aerospace Education Ribbon.

Squadron commanders: Preparing for this test is a good way for relatively new members to learn more about aerospace history and concepts, and to earn something in a relatively short period. The ribbon and certificate offer an opportunity to recognize the member's achievement. Please encourage all senior members who have not yet earned the Yeager to take advantage of this opportunity.

REGISTRATION There is no cost to take the test, however I do need to know who is coming so that I can procure sufficient copies of the testing materials. Interested senior members must provide the following information NLT 1 October*: name, grade, unit name, home phone, choice of testing method (closed-book or open-book). Submit via email, fax, or telephone message - see below. SEG HQ is located just off I-684, exit 2, near White Plains, NY; if you need directions, provide a fax number or email address where they should be sent.

* - Late registrations may be a possible if space is available; after 1 October call and ask.

PREPARATION Every member who plans to take the test open-book must bring a copy of "Aerospace: The Challenge." This book is available for $16.50, item #38, from the CAP Bookstore, tel 800-633-8768, fax 334-265-6381. An order form is available at Every squadron and group should have a copy of this book on hand. Check with your squadron or group Aerospace Ed officer about borrowing a copy from the squadron or from another member. If none is available, suggest that the unit purchase a copy.

Every member who plans to take the test closed-book must be very familiar with the subject matter of the entire book, especially dates and names. If you study the book and can answer the review questions at the end of each chapter, you will be well prepared. A 90-minute review session will be held before the test. It will be useful only to those who have already studied the book.

SCHEDULE At 0900 there will be a brief review session. At 1030 the test will begin. Those planning to take the test closed-book should expect to finish in 50 to 80 minutes; those taking the test open-book should allow four hours. This allows for the time involved in correcting to 100%. Bring your own lunch. A soda machine is available.

MALCOLM DICKINSON, Major, CAP                         MARILYN REY, Lt Colonel, CAP
[at the time] Southeastern Group AE Officer               New York Wing Internal AE Officer