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Here is information I've collected while participating in CAP activities, including:

Cadet orientation flights
Northeast Region Staff College (1998, 1999, 2004)
National Blue Beret (1999)
National Flight Academy (1998 and 1999)
Train the Trainer course (2001)
New York Wing Encampment (2001)


Pictures of CAP activities


Every year Civil Air Patrol members have the opportunity to attend one (or more) of a dozen special activities. This page contains information about a few of these activities. National HQ's web site has information about all the activities.

Most special activities are designed for cadets and also have spaces for senior members, either as leaders/instructors or as participants.

I've attended three NCSA's so far and all have been a great experience.  

 National Blue Beret, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

National Flight Academies (this is an old patch; they used to be called National Flight Encampments)

Mission Aircrew School and the National Ground Search and Rescue School take place concurrently and are open to CAP members (senior and cadet) who are qualified in Emergency Services. 

Also, for senior members only, there is Region Staff College .

Another course open to seniors is run by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center: 
The Inland SAR Planner Course.